Our Story

Originally founded in 2003, Ms. Babs’ Nursery School is locally owned and operated by the Cafarella family. After many years in the commercial daycare field, Barbara “Babs” Cafarella started an in-home facility in her own home on Floyd Avenue. Word quickly spread that this amazing childcare provider was doing one-on-one care and, after a year of opening, the demand for her care grew to the point where she needed to relocate for more space and a bigger school.

In 2005, Ms. Babs’ Nursery School opened its doors down the street at 2319 Grove Avenue, approximately 5 blocks from her childhood home. This new, larger facility still provided Babs the kitchen she needed to create home-cooked meals, the playground for adventurous playtimes, and all the space she needed to make all types of wonderful artwork and sing to various types of music with the children she loved. Small classrooms of around 10 to 15 kids with 3 teachers ensured that the Ms. Babs’ children would receive the correct amount of one-on-one time with each child. Special classes such as Spanish lessons, yoga, music and nature time were all a part of her wonderful and unique curriculum she designed with her 40+ years of experience.

Babs shares her passion for caring for children with her son Joe, who took over as owner of the school in 2008 and now is the active Director. Picking up fresh fruit for the kids on the way in to is just the beginning of a long but incredible day for Joe who vows to show Richmond, Virginia how amazing childcare can be.