Our Programs

Our programs are designed to allow each child the opportunity to express him/herself. Playing sports, creating sculptures, performing plays or choreographing dance routines are just a few of the activities that each child can participate in while at Ms. Babs’. We also provide teacher-lead activities and special events that will celebrate various cultures and personal differences. By acknowledging differences, each child will learn how small the world really is.

We provide a quiet environment for homework as well as staff members to assist students. Reading will be encouraged through special book incentive activities. The philosophy at Ms. Babs’ is that by nurturing both the academic and the creative side of each child, he/she will grow up to be strong, happy, and confident.


Ages 2–3

The warm, cozy atmosphere of Ms. Babs’ Nursery School offers the perfect transition from the home to preschool. In the Bumblebee class, your child is able to learn and explore through play. They can begin to build social relationships with peers while learning the fundamentals of shapes, letters, color and language. We strive to teach our Bumblebees good manners, sharing and good hygiene. Our small teacher-to-child ratios also provide ample time for individual assistance with toilet training. And with a special Bumblebee bathroom equipped with toddler-sized toilets, potty time is made easier.

June Bugs

Ages 3–4

The June Bug level at Ms. Babs’ Nursery School builds on all the skills introduced in the Bumblebee level, adding writing, storytelling, matching and more. The teachers assist your child in embracing both academics and creativity. Babs’ teachers encourage imaginary play, free art, singing, musical instruments, dress up and cooperation.



The Cricket class is our Pre-K program that fosters independent learning and strengthens social maturity with an increased level of structured academic activities designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Recognizing the uniqueness of every student, the class focuses on developing each child’s individual skills and talents through a discovery-based curriculum that encourages hands-on exploration, incorporating the five senses into daily lessons. From learning new songs and foreign languages, to sight-reading and phonics-awareness, our Pre-K class’ main goal is to graduate empathetic and curious children!