Ms. Babs’ School Parent Handbook
Enrollment & Required Forms

Shot records are required prior to any child starting.

Transition to Preschool

At Ms. Babs’, we want your child to feel as if they are at their home away from home when in our care. That’s why we have developed a unique transition program to help your child transition from home to our preschool as comfortably as possible. A week before your child’s first full day with us, we schedule 2 to 3 “practice days”!

Day 1—You and your child come into the school and get to participate in our “circle time” (or whatever activity we are doing that morning). This visit is typically 30 minutes and allows your child to become familiar and comfortable with the new surroundings.

Day 2—You drop your child off for approximately an hour-and-a-half and they again participate in “circle time” (or whatever activity we are doing that morning) and then get a snack and some outside playtime with their soon-to-be new classmates.

Day 3 (If necessary)—You drop your child off and he/she stays for about two hours and has an extended “practice day” to make sure that they are comfortable and ready to become a member of our Ms. Babs Family.