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Daily Activities

At Ms. Babs’, a preschool curriculum is provided from September through May, while summer enjoyment is encouraged from June through August. Age-appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility to allow each child’s individual needs to be met.


 The children at Ms. Babs’ are encouraged as much as they are able to participate in:

  • Weekly participatory music program with instruments

  • Weekly kids’ yoga program with songs

  • Weekly hands-on nature presentation

  • Story time with visiting (and singing) librarian

  • Gardening in our very own vegetable garden

  • Arts and crafts projects to take home

  • Field trips to local parks and attractions

  • Indoor and outdoor parties and festivals

  • Special costume and pajama days

A Day at Ms. Babs'

7:30–9:00 Arrival; Child-Directed Activities

9:00–9:30 Morning Snack

9:30–10:15 Circle Time

12:00–1:00 Preparation for/and Lunch

1:00–3:15 Nap/Rest Time

3:15–3:45 Afternoon Snack

10:15–11:00 Teacher Lead Activities

11:00–11:30 Child-Directed Activities

11:30–12:00 Outside Play

3:45–4:30 Outside Play

4:30–5:15 Teacher-Lead Activities

5:15–6:00 Pickup and Departure; Child-Directed Activities

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