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Our Programs

Our programs are designed to allow each child the opportunity to express him/herself. Playing sports, creating sculptures, performing plays or choreographing dance routines are just a few of the activities that each child can participate in while at Ms. Babs’. We also provide teacher-led activities and special events that will celebrate various cultures and personal differences.

By acknowledging differences, each child will learn how small the world really is.

We provide a quiet environment for homework as well as staff members to assist students. Reading will be encouraged through special book incentive activities. The philosophy at Ms. Babs’ is that by nurturing both the academic and the creative side of each child,

he/she will grow up to be strong, happy, and confident.

Infant Classroom

3-16 months

Children in this program are cared for on an individual basis for most of the time they are in the program. Teachers follow and help guide the child's growth and schedules based on individual needs. They do art and sensory activities as well as get outside in our turfed courtyard. They also love to go on buggy rides! A lot of firsts and milestones occur and we love to help foster that growth!

Toddler Classroom

16 months - 2 years

This age group is very busy! Children are learning to use words to express their needs and wants as well as how to have positive interactions with peers. We work with them on how to use an open cup, sit at a table, and use utensils. These kiddos do circle time that includes lots of music and books. They get out to our playground where they can learn to navigate things such as slides and small stairs. At this age personalities start to bloom and it is so exciting to watch as children individualize and find their voice! 

Toddler Classroom

ages 2-3 years

This room is full of big emotions and lots of independence. Children are learning safe boundaries and how to express themselves. Potty training is a large focus in this room and with that comes the independence of self-dressing! Circle time in this room encompasses learning colors, days of the week, weather, and lots of books and songs. The curriculum includes lots of hands-on activities and child directed play. We love to get outside whether it is on the playground or on our turfed rooftop space! 

Child Classroom

June Bugs 
3-4 years

 Children in this room are growing not only in academics but also self awareness. Children are assigned classroom jobs such as line leader, librarian, and door holder, it is a fun and interactive way to teach responsibility. Circle time in this room incorporates more in-depth discussions about topics and a further understanding of the world around us. This group loves getting outside on the big playground and enjoying meals outside as often as we can!

Pre Kindergarten Classroom

Pre-K ages 4-5 years

This group is steadily working toward kindergarten readiness in a hands-on and interactive way. Children in this room drive the course of their day and have a say in the way activities are done. The goal in this group is to foster readiness while understanding that all children learn in different ways. Field trips to the local park and the VMFA are a fun part of the year! In this program we encourage children to be themselves and not be afraid to ask questions and explore their environment. 

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